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Need help? Talk to the #1 Email Deliverability expert, Troy Ericson:

Troy Ericson is the owner of,, & Troy & his team have generated over $100,000,000 for their clients since 2019 by improving email copy & deliverability. Troy has worked with SmartMarketer, Zipify, Traffic & Funnels, REPP Sports, V-Shred, Joel Marion, Joel Erway, Perry Belcher, 10X Advisor Network, David Meltzer, Sam Ovens, Jason Capital, Alex Cattoni, and hundreds more. He was also ranked as the #20Copywriter in the world by Peter Tzemis from Traffic & Funnels. Troy is also a musician, former college baseball player, and lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Julia.

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Why should I run a MailGenius Email Spam Test?

  • Improve your inbox placement and prevent emails from landing in the spam folder.
  • Improve your email strategy with a proactive approach that prioritizes email deliverability. 
  • Make sure your email content is optimized for email deliverability with our free email spam checker.
  • Improve your domain reputation and increase your opens, clicks and sales by using MailGenius everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our suite of email deliverability tools including our free email spam test tool and email deliverability tester will check for potential issues that may impact your deliverability including:

  • SPF: We ensure your SPF record meets best practices and is correctly set up.
  • DKIM: We verify your email is properly signed with DKIM.
  • DMARC: We ensure your DMARC is correctly implemented and matches SPF and DKIM settings.
  • Reverse DNS: We confirm the sending IP matches the HELO FQDN.
  • Domain Suffix: We check your domain suffix to ensure it’s widely recognized and avoid less common suffixes like .xyz.
  • Domain/IP/Body Blacklists: We ensure your IP, domain, or any links in your email aren’t listed on major blacklists.
  • Domain Age: We assess the age of your domain, noting that newer domains may face deliverability issues.
  • Broken Links: We check for any non-working links in your email.
  • Short URLs: We review your email for short links, which can increase the risk of being marked as spam.
  • Subject Line: We offer advice on optimizing your subject line’s length and structure using aggregated data.
  • List Unsubscribe Header: We verify your email includes a one-click unsubscribe option for easier list management.
  • HTML Body Best Practices: We examine your email’s HTML for elements that may resemble spam, including your text-to-image ratio.

A combination of factors such as your domain reputation, IP reputation, incorrect DNS records, bounce rate, and spam rate, can cause your emails to go to spam. Use our free email spam checker to test email.

Our tools can help identify if your Domain or IP addresses have been blacklisted. We provide you with personalized recommendations to get delisted and improve your email deliverability. We also offer domain monitoring with proactive alerts to keep you out of spam. 

We recommend running a spam test daily for optimal results. It’s crucial to utilize MailGenius before launching new campaigns. Consistently monitoring and testing your email campaigns proactively will significantly enhance your engagement and email deliverability.

We do not currently offer email verification, but we are  developing new deliverability tools and solutions to help you increase your email revenue and avoid spam. 

A few of our Testimonials

"I'd recommend MailGenius to everyone. Amazingly knowledgeable about email deliverability. I got a sneak peak at their new tool, and it's absolutely fantastic."
Perrin Carrell
Perrin Carrell
Founder at
"We were really struggling with our email deliverability (Gmail & Outlook) and didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, we found MailGenius! They created a plan for us and provided us with the steps needed to ensure our emails were hitting inboxes. We still meet regularly and they are always incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. We would recommend MailGenius to anyone having difficulty with email deliverability."
"My experience with MailGenius was amazing - beyond 5 stars. The service is great and I have seen returns immediately. Within one consulting session, we went over so much that I made my money back tenfold."
Josh Michaels
Director Of Marketing at True Blue Life insurance
"MailGenius was fantastic in helping our company resolve many issues we encountered with email deliverability. They did a deep dive into our account running many tests and helped implement the most up to date best practices to ensure our emails could now be delivered to our customers. They work with a fantastic array of tools to help get the job done and assisted in setting up automation for our SPF records, highly recommended!"
"I'm glad I found MailGenius. They were super helpful and honest about exactly what I need to do and how to go about it, step-by-step. I was able to get clarification and feedback from him on my approach and took a bunch of notes. They also shared other resources and I experienced several "aha!" moments during the call with Jesse - a real genius when it comes to email. Thank you, MailGenius!"
Tim Parkin
President at Parkin Consulting
"Since working with MailGenius we've continued to see stable inboxing, which is great. Thank you again for all of your help and guidance - we would recommend MailGenius to any company experiencing email deliverability issues." EMAIL SPAM CHECKER