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How much time does Email services consulting take?

We do everything we can do minimize the time required from your team. We’ve streamlined our processes to gather the information we need from your team, do our own work, and turn around with actionable next steps. It’s going to range from a couple days to a couple weeks.

Can you guarantee our emails will never be marked as spam?

We can do everything in our power: set up our technology to diagnose and monitor your systems, train your team, and more. However, it will be your team’s ongoing responsibility to not send spammy email.

How much does consulting cost?

The MailGenius testing tool is free and can offer invaluable insight. We offer 1:1 consulting for a variety of prices depending on your needs, ranging from calls for a few hundred to in-depth engagements up to tens of thousands.

I'm interested in MailGenius services, what are the next steps?

Great! Simply reach out to us via the live chat at the bottom right or contact us here and we’ll move swiftly from there! A new option is to directly book a free 15 minute call with us at your convenience.