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"Sendhive had a idiot-proof onboarding process. They got to know our company and our open rates TRIPLED, and suddenly it was like we could never leave the primary inbox! They even connected us with a publisher who took our sales to the next level. We're now a top retailer in our market."
Founder at Lavish Baby Baskets
"Within probably 12 hours, both our direct and newsletter emails were delivered straight to people's inboxes at the same rate as before. In fact, significantly better than before. Sendhive's support is unparalleled. They grew my business so much that I've recommended every friend and really anyone to switch their ESP to them. Because most other ESPs are just risking your deliverability, plain and simple."
Adam Clark
CEO at Vospara
"Our sales team literally threw a party when we moved from Mailchimp to Sendhive. We love getting valuable intros from the Sendhive team and we can now sleep well knowing our emails are always hitting customer inboxes. The open rates have been trending at an astonishing 75%+."
Jillian Olesh
Marketing Manager at Colombia Finance

Why we recommend SendHive for Email Marketing Consulting

If you’re looking for a solution that could help you TRIPLE your opens, clicks and sales, then SendHive is your answer. Over 61% of all business emails worldwide never hit the inbox, and even more, miss the Primary inbox of Gmail. Losing emails to the spam folder leads to lost sales on a massive scale. SendHive will make sure that you’re never in that 61%. As the world’s #1 email consultant, vetted by top technology journals & magazines, Sendhive can increase your revenue better than any other platform we’ve tested.

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MailGenius has vetted this team of world-class experts. Clients coming through MailGenius get a free intro call and priority service out of the spam folder in as little as 24 hours.

Should you use this partner?

If your business relies on revenue from Email Marketing then this is undoubtedly the world’s #1 partner for you. They can keep your emails out of the spam folder and ensure you hit the Primary inbox in record time, following ideal deliverability practices.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is determined by your setup, volume, and needs. Low-cost options are available. Please schedule an intro call today with the team so they can understand exactly what you’re looking for. Limited spots are first-come, first-served.

DMARC Authentication

At a high level, email deliverability can be fixed within 24-48 hours, however, it all depends on how serious your technical issues are. There is simply no better hands to be in than SendHive for this matter. A more serious issue may require more time.

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