Are you losing money to the spam folder?

We help you connect with your customers by ensuring your messages reach their inbox. 


Getting your emails delivered, involves more than just hitting send

Our comprehensive deliverability audit includes the following: 

Personalized Recommendations

We provide you with personalized recommendations that align with your objectives. The goal of every audit is to help you improve deliverability and increase revenue

Email Authentication

We ensure all of your emails are properly authenticated. This includes SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI and Reverse DNS records.

Sender Reputation

We review your overall Domain & IP reputation. This includes bounces, blocks, spam complaints and blacklists.

Email Metrics

We do a deep dive and will review your overall Domain & IP reputation. This includes reviewing all bounces, blocks, spam complaints and blacklists.

Email Workflow

We will review your entire workflow which includes list hygiene, segmentation, bounce handling, feedback loops, sending volume, whitelisting and more.

Email Copy

We review the content and structure of your emails to ensure they are optimized for deliverability.


MailGenius has helped over 150+ companies to increase their email revenue by focusing on deliverability first.

"MailGenius are very committed experts. They fully familiarized themselves with the necessary details to perform effectively and efficiently. Their deep knowledge and suite of tools allows them to very competently guide you through important decisions and next steps. I'll definitely use MailGenius again and if you are hoping to improve your email deliverability, you will too!"​
"MailGenius are experts in the email deliverability space. Whether you are looking to solve a specific email delivery issue or just trying to improve your organization's overall email deliverability, MailGenius is your company."
"MailGenius was wonderful to work with. They carefully listened to what we needed done, broke down the issue, got everything working and provided expert guidance on how to improve our results and keep our campaign running smoothly. They are professional, have technical expertise and are great to work with. I highly recommend MailGenius."​

Our holistic approach covers all elements of email from strategy and copy to deliverability and workflow.

MailGenius Deliverability Audit

If email is directly tied to revenue for your business, our deliverability audit will help increase your bottom line. 

Speak with a MailGenius

Book a 1 hour call with a deliverability expert. We provide personalized consulting and can help with email strategy, copy and deliverability. 

How much time does a deliverability audit take?

It will take roughly 3 weeks to complete your deliverability audit. The timing is based on the complexity of your email marketing program.

We review your email authentication, reputation, metrics and workflow. We also provide personalized recommendations based on your email marketing goals and audit results. 

Can you guarantee our emails will never be marked as spam?

Our comprehensive deliverability audit will help you optimize your email marketing program for maximum deliverability. However, it is your team’s ongoing responsibility to not send spammy email.


How much do your services cost?

Our MailGenius testing tool is completely free and was created to help you reach the inbox.

We offer comprehensive deliverability audits starting at $5,000.

You can speak with a MailGenius here for $300hr. 

I want to work with MailGenius, what are the next steps?

Great! You can reach out to us on our  live chat, located at the bottom right or contact us here.

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