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GlockApps Alternative For Email Deliverability: MailGenius

Making sure your emails reach the intended user’s inbox, rather than landing in the dreaded spam folder, is a complex task that requires the right tools and strategies. This article explores two leading platforms in the field of email deliverability: GlockApps and MailGenius.

While GlockApps has established itself as a comprehensive solution with a suite of features designed to optimize email campaigns, MailGenius emerges as a compelling alternative, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

We delve into the key features of both platforms, compare their offerings, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to run a quick and free inbox placement test using MailGenius. This article will equip you with valuable insights to enhance your email deliverability.


What Is GlockApps?

GlockApps is a robust email deliverability and security platform designed to optimize email campaigns and ensure messages reach their intended recipients. Developed by a seasoned team in email marketing software solutions, GlockApps offers a suite of tools including Inbox Insight for testing email deliverability across various service providers, DMARC Analytics for detecting and preventing spoofing and phishing attacks, and an Uptime Monitor for real-time notification of deliverability issues.

It also provides an Email Consulting service, a Blacklist Monitor to track a domain and sending IP against industry blacklists, and a Template Editor to identify and fix risky content and HTML errors. Despite some user feedback suggesting improvements in their consulting service, GlockApps is generally praised for its detailed reports, user-friendliness, and value for money, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses trying to boost their email marketing efforts.

Key GlockApps Features

  • Inbox Insight: A tool for testing deliverability across various email service providers, providing actionable insights for improvement.

  • DMARC Analytics: Helps businesses detect and prevent spoofing and phishing attacks from their domain, enhancing email security.

  • Uptime Monitor: Provides real-time notifications of deliverability issues via Email, Slack, or Telegram, allowing businesses to quickly address any problems.

  • Email Consulting: A service that helps businesses navigate complex deliverability issues, offering expert advice and solutions.

  • Blacklist Monitor: Allows users to monitor their domain and sending IP against industry blacklists, helping to prevent potential deliverability issues.

  • Template Editor: Identifies “risky” content and fixes HTML errors to improve email delivery, optimizing content for better deliverability.

Cons Of GlockApps

  • Complexity: The wide range of tools and features can be overwhelming for new users or those who prefer a simpler interface.

  • Consulting Service: Some users have suggested improvements in the quality of GlockApps’ Email Consulting service.

  • Cost: The cost of GlockApps may be a barrier for some businesses, especially smaller ones or startups with limited budgets. The pricing structure is also not readily available on the website.

  • Lack of Mobile Functionality: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, GlockApps does not offer a mobile application or a mobile-optimized website.

  • Limited Free Trial: The free trial is limited in terms of the number of email spam tests and DMARC messages, which may not allow users to fully explore the platform’s capabilities.

Glockapps Pricing

  • Bundle Plan: This plan includes actionable improvement tips, DMARC analytics, uptime monitors, IP reputation monitors, and more. The cost is not specified on the website.

  • Basic Plan: Priced at $59 per month (billed annually), this plan includes all features of the free plan, 3,600 email spam tests, 1,200,000 DMARC messages, 20 uptime monitors, 20 IP reputation monitors, and standard customer support.

  • Business Plan: Priced at $99 per month (billed annually), this plan includes all features of the Basic plan, 8,400 email spam tests, 12,000,000 DMARC messages, 40 uptime monitors, 40 IP reputation monitors, and premium customer support.

  • Custom Plan: Priced at $199 per month (billed monthly), the details of this plan are not specified on the website.

  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is for high-volume email senders. The pricing is not specified and interested users are advised to contact GlockApps for a quote.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Plans: These plans are available for users who already use plans but have too few credits left till the next billing period.

mailgenius homepage

The Best GlockApps Alternative For Email Deliverability: MailGenius

MailGenius is an email testing tool designed to ensure that your emails do not end up in the spam folder. It offers a free email deliverability tester and a way to see if your emails go to spam, allowing users to test whether their emails are reaching the inbox of the desired recipient. MailGenius runs around 250,000 tests every year and is primarily used by small to medium-sized businesses. The email tester supports every major email provider and can be synced with other third-party applications.

Key Features of MailGenius Include:

  • Email Tester: This feature ensures that an email is successfully delivered to the recipient. Users can send a test email to a given address on the MailGenius site to see the score of their emails.

  • Monitoring: This feature allows users to always monitor their email domain. MailGenius runs daily email blacklist and deliverability tests and notifies users if it detects something unusual. It also generates a weekly report that provides insights about your domain’s reputation and more.

  • Tests: MailGenius conducts various tests including blacklist tests, SPF authentication, and DMARC authentication. These tests give you an accurate understanding of how mailbox providers, including Gmail and others, interpret your emails.

Our tool is praised for its seamless email delivery, customer support, and tailored solutions based on user’s requirements and volume.

MailGenius Pricing

MailGenius offers a blend of free and paid services to cater to different needs. Here’s a summary of the pricing as per the information provided:

  • Free Tests: New users are offered three free tests, allowing them to experience the platform’s capabilities and understand how it can help improve their email deliverability.

  • Paid Subscription: After utilizing the free tests, users can opt for a paid subscription plan to continue leveraging MailGenius’s features and improving their email deliverability.

  • Monitoring Prices: MailGenius also offers a monitoring service for your email domains. The pricing for this service is as follows:

    • 1 domain: $99 per month

    • 2 domains: $198 per month

    • 3 domains: $297 per month

    • 4 domains: $396 per month

These prices make MailGenius a viable option for businesses of various sizes looking to ensure their emails reach the intended recipients and do not end up in the spam folder. For the most accurate and current pricing information, it’s recommended to visit the MailGenius website or contact their sales team directly.

Run A Quick & Free Inbox Placement Test

Running a quick and free inbox placement test is a crucial step in ensuring your emails reach their intended recipients. Tools like MailGenius make this process simple and efficient. MailGenius is a comprehensive email testing tool that helps you optimize your email campaigns by conducting thorough inbox placement tests. It offers a free email deliverability tester and email spam checker, allowing you to test whether your emails are reaching the inbox of the desired recipient and verify customer data.

Step 1: Visit The Homepage

To run a quick and free inbox placement test with MailGenius, you simply send an email to a given address on the MailGenius site. On the website, locate the Email Tester feature. This tool is designed to help you with the delivery of emails and ensure that your email is successfully delivered to the recipient. Copy the unique address.

Step 2: Create a Test Email & Send It

Create a test email to to send to the testing address you copied above. This email should be representative of the emails you typically send in your campaigns, including the same type of content, images, links, and sender information.

test email

Step 3: Analyze Your Score

The tool then meticulously examines each component of your emails to identify any aspects that could potentially raise concerns for email service providers.

The outcome is a comprehensive report that provides a clear overview of the strengths, weaknesses, deliverability problems,  and areas requiring enhancement in your email. The tools will show you all the areas you can improve on to bypass spam filters.

MailGenius report

Step 4: Implement the Feedback

Making necessary adjustments to your email based on the insights from your score and detailed report is a critical step in optimizing your deliverability. Tools like MailGenius provide comprehensive feedback that can guide these adjustments to boost email reputation and better land in the recipients inboxes.

Use Our Feedback To Bypass Spam Filters

If your score is lower than expected, the detailed report from MailGenius can help you understand what aspects of your email may be raising concerns for email service providers. This report outlines the strengths, weaknesses, and areas requiring enhancement in your email, providing actionable insights that you can use to improve your email’s deliverability.

For instance, if the report indicates that your subject line could trigger spam filters, consider revising it to be more straightforward and less promotional. Avoid using all caps, excessive punctuation, or spammy words that could be flagged by spam filters.

If the feedback suggests that your HTML practices need improvement, consider working with a developer or learning more about best practices for email HTML. This could involve simplifying your code, ensuring your email is responsive for mobile devices, or fixing broken links.

Email authentication is another crucial area that could require adjustments. If your SPF, DKIM, or DMARC records are flagged in the report, you may need to look into setting up or improving these records. These email authentication methods help email verification and protect against spoofing, enhancing your sender reputation and improving deliverability.

Run Spam Tests Today!

Both GlockApps and MailGenius offer a suite of features designed to optimize deliverability and security. While GlockApps provides a comprehensive solution with a range of tools, MailGenius emerges as a viable alternative, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses, with its user-friendly interface and robust testing capabilities. By understanding the features of these platforms and implementing the steps outlined in this article, you can significantly improve your deliverability. Remember, the key to successful email marketing lies not just in crafting compelling content, but also in ensuring that your emails land in the right place – your recipient’s inbox.

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