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"How To Check If My Emails Are Going To Spam?" Guide To Using MailGenius

The effectiveness of your email marketing efforts can be drastically undermined if they end up in your recipients’ spam folders. If you’ve ever asked, “Why are my emails going to spam?” you’re not alone. A common concern can seriously affect your business’s communication efforts and overall success.

In this article, we will focus on a powerful tool called MailGenius. This tool helps you navigate the complex landscape of spam filters, sender reputation, and email content, ensuring your messages land safely in the primary inbox.

We’ll guide you through the process of using MailGenius to conduct a comprehensive spam test. This will help you understand the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam and provide actionable tips to improve your email deliverability.

So, if you’re ready to boost your email marketing efforts and ensure the right eyes see your messages, read on.

How To Do A Spam Test With MailGenius

Performing an email spam test with MailGenius is a straightforward process that can provide valuable insights into your email deliverability. 

The CAN-SPAM Act has established a set of regulations that must be adhered to in order to maintain good standing with a reputable email service provider. These rules are designed to prevent spam and uphold email marketing standards.

Emails that typically end up in a spam filter are indeed mostly spam. To save users from the hassle of manually sorting through these unwanted messages, Internet Service Providers or ISPs and email services such as Gmail have implemented filters. These filters automatically identify and block spam emails, preventing them from reaching the user’s inbox.

We’ll walk you through how to test if your emails are sent in the recipient’s spam folder.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Prepare Your Email Draft

Before you begin the spam test, ensure you have a complete draft of your email ready. This includes your subject line, body content, images, and any attachments. Remember to avoid common pitfalls that could land your email in the spam folder, such as using spam trigger words, including too many images, or sending generalized content.

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Step 2: Access MailGenius

Navigate to the MailGenius website. MailGenius has been proven to be among the best tools that test your emails against common spam filters, providing a score that reflects the likelihood of your email ending up in the spam folder.

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Step 3: Send Your Email to MailGenius

On the MailGenius website, you’ll find a unique email address. Send your email draft to this address. This allows MailGenius to analyze what you send and identify potential email deliverability issues.

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Step 4: Review Your Results For The Spam Test

After sending your email, MailGenius will then analyze your email, checking it against various factors that could influence whether it ends up in the spam folder.

Once the email placement test analysis is complete, MailGenius will provide a detailed report. This report includes a score out of 100, with a higher score indicating a lower likelihood of your email being marked as spam. If your score is 70.0 or higher, your email is likely to land in the inbox. If it’s lower than 70.0, you’ll need to make some adjustments.

The report also provides specific feedback on areas such as sender reputation, email content, authentication checks, and hard and soft bounces. 

If your message includes spam words/fraud phrases, they might be connected to the “salesy” language, so any that can be described as manipulative, cheap, needy, or sleazy. Once again, run a quick test in the email analyzer and change your message to cause spam triggers.

This feedback can help you understand why your email might trigger spam filters and what you can do to improve your score.

Remember, the goal is not just to pass the spam test, but to understand how to create emails that reach your recipients’ inboxes consistently. By regularly testing your emails with MailGenius and applying the insights you gain, you can significantly improve your email deliverability and the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

MailGenius report

Get Started Today With MailGenius!

MailGenius is a powerful tool provides a comprehensive analysis of your emails, identifying potential issues that could land them in the spam folder instead of your recipient’s inbox.

One of the best things about MailGenius is that you can start improving your email deliverability right away, and it won’t cost you a penny to begin. MailGenius offers three free email tests, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your email performance without any initial investment.

These tests provide a detailed report on various factors that influence email deliverability, including sender reputation, email content, and authentication checks. With this information at your fingertips, you can make necessary adjustments to ensure your emails land safely in the inbox, not the spam folder.

So why wait? Start your journey towards better email deliverability today. Sign up for our mail tester, take advantage of your three free email tests, and begin optimizing your email marketing efforts for success. Remember, in the realm of email communication, reaching the inbox is the first step towards engagement and conversion. Let MailGenius help you make that crucial first step count.

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