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How To Test Emails For Spam Detection & Errors With MailGenius

When you send emails, you want to ensure they reach the intended recipient’s inbox without errors or being flagged by spam filters. This is where email testing comes into play. Email testing allows you to detect potential issues before deploying your email campaign, reducing the chances of your emails being marked as spam or containing errors. In this article, we’ll explore how to use MailGenius, a powerful tool for email testing.

What Is MailGenius?

MailGenius is a comprehensive tool designed to optimize your email deliverability and ensure your messages reach their intended recipients’ inboxes. It offers a suite of services that help users understand and navigate the complex landscape of email deliverability.

At its core, MailGenius provides a free email spam test, allowing users to send an email to a specific address and subsequently receive a Spam Score. This score provides valuable insights into how likely an email is to land in the recipient’s spam folder, thus enabling users to make necessary adjustments to their email content or configuration.

MailGenius is not just a testing tool; it also offers consulting services to help businesses improve their email deliverability. The site is owned and operated by Troy Ericson, a renowned email deliverability expert. Since 2019, Ericson and his team have generated over $100,000,000 for their clients by enhancing email copy and deliverability.

The platform is compatible with all email providers and is used to test over a million emails per year. It has received positive testimonials from its users, who have seen immediate returns and improved email deliverability after using the service.

Features Of MailGenius

MailGenius offers a range of features to optimize email deliverability. These features include:

  • Email Deliverability Audit: This audit assesses email deliverability and performance.

  • Spam Testing: This tests emails against common spam filters.

  • Blacklist Checking: This feature checks if your domain is blacklisted.

  • Content Analysis: This evaluates content for potential spam triggers and optimizes emails for better deliverability.

  • Authentication Checks: This verifies SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.

  • Link and Image Checking: This ensures links and images are valid and safe.

  • HTML Validation: This checks for errors in the email’s HTML.

  • Server Configuration Checks: This assesses the email server setup.

  • Detailed Reports: This provides a comprehensive deliverability report with improvement suggestions.

MailGenius Pricing

MailGenius offers three free tests for new users. After using the free tests, users can opt for a paid subscription. The pricing for domain monitoring is tiered based on the number of domains:

  • 1 domain: $99/month

  • 2 domains: $198/month

  • 3 domains: $297/month

  • 4 domains: $396/month

Understanding Email Testing and Spam Filters

Email testing is a crucial step in the email marketing process. It involves sending a test email or a series of emails to check for potential issues that could affect the deliverability and effectiveness of your email campaigns. These issues can range from design flaws and broken links to spam triggers. By identifying these problems early, you can fix them before sending the email to your actual recipients, ensuring your emails are delivered to the inbox and not the spam folder.

One of the key aspects of email testing is checking how your email appears across different email clients and devices. Emails can appear differently depending on the email client (like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo) and the device (like a smartphone, tablet, or desktop) that your recipient is using. Therefore, it’s crucial to test your emails on multiple platforms to ensure a consistent experience for all your recipients.

Another critical part of email testing is checking your email against spam filters. Spam filters are tools used by email clients to categorize and filter out unwanted emails, commonly known as spam. These filters use various criteria to judge whether an email is spam or not. These criteria can include the use of spam trigger words, the quality of your email list, and the reputation of your IP address and domain.

Spam filters can be quite strict, and even legitimate emails can sometimes end up in the spam folder. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what triggers these filters and how to avoid them. Tools like MailGenius can help you test your emails against spam filters and provide you with a spam score. This score can give you an idea of how likely your email is to be marked as spam.

By using dummy email accounts for testing, you can test your emails in a real-world setting without sending or affecting your actual recipients.

Why Is MailGenius The Best Among Email Testing Tools?

While there are several email testing tools available, MailGenius stands out as a comprehensive solution for ensuring your emails reach their intended recipients’ inboxes. Here’s why you should consider using MailGenius for your go-to email testing tool:

Comprehensive Spam Testing

MailGenius checks your emails against common spam filters, providing you with a Spam Score. This score gives you an idea of how likely your email is to be marked as spam. By identifying potential spam triggers in your emails, you can make necessary adjustments to improve your Spam Score and increase your email deliverability.

Robust Security Testing

MailGenius tests your email server’s security by verifying your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. These records are essential for authenticating your emails and preventing email spoofing. By ensuring these records are correctly set up, you can improve your email deliverability and protect your domain’s reputation.

Detailed Reporting

MailGenius provides detailed reports on your test emails. These reports include information about optimizing your email’s content, server configuration, and more. They also provide actionable suggestions for improving your email’s deliverability. This level of detail allows you to understand exactly what issues might be preventing your emails from reaching the inbox and how to fix them.

Ease of Use

MailGenius is designed to be user-friendly. You simply send a test email to the address provided by MailGenius, and then you can check your Spam Score and analyze your report on the MailGenius platform. This makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical expertise.

Expertise and Reputation

MailGenius is owned and operated by Troy Ericson, a renowned email deliverability expert. Since 2019, Ericson and his team have generated over $100,000,000 for their clients by enhancing email copy and deliverability. This level of expertise and proven track record of working with numerous email clients adds credibility to the tool and ensures you’re getting reliable and effective testing services.

Positive User Testimonials

MailGenius has received positive testimonials from its users, who have seen immediate returns and improved email deliverability after using the service. This user feedback attests to the effectiveness of the tool and its ability to deliver results.

How to Test Emails with MailGenius

Testing your emails with MailGenius involves a few simple steps:

Prepare Your Email

Before you start testing, ensure your email is ready. This includes finalizing the content, design, and recipient list. Remember to use an email template or email message content as close as possible to the actual email you plan to send to your recipients. This includes the subject line, body content, images, and links.

test email 2

Send a Test Email

MailGenius provides you with a unique email address to send your test email. This is a crucial step as it allows MailGenius to analyze your email against common spam filters and other deliverability factors. Always send a test email to yourself first to see how it appears in different email clients and desktop/mobile devices.

MailGenius loading

Analyze the Report

After sending the test email, MailGenius will analyze it and provide a detailed report. This report will highlight any issues affecting deliverability or triggering spam filters. The report includes a spam score, content analysis, server configuration checks, and authentication checks, among other things.

MailGenius report

Fix the Reported Issues

Based on the report, fix the identified issues in your email. This might involve adjusting your content to avoid spam trigger words, fixing broken links, or improving your email server’s security. Tools like MailGenius can provide insights into what triggers spam filters and how to avoid them.

Repeat the Process

After fixing the issues, send another test email through MailGenius. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the score and the issues highlighted in the report are addressed.


Email testing is a critical step in any email marketing campaign. It helps ensure your emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox, free of errors, and not marked as spam. With a tool like MailGenius, you can easily test your emails and improve their deliverability. So before you hit send on your next email campaign, remember to test, analyze, and optimize your emails for the critical elements to produce the best results.