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Send an email to the address below to see if your email is landing in the spam folder

Send an email to the address below, then click 'See Your Score':
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A Step-By-Step Guide to Using MailGenius

MailGenius operates like a diligent investigator, meticulously examining each component of your emails to identify any aspects that could potentially raise concerns for email service providers. The outcome? A comprehensive email deliverability report provides a clear overview of the strengths, weaknesses, and areas requiring enhancement.

Step 1: Access the Tool

Navigate to the MailGenius website. For new users, the tool offers three complimentary inbox placement tests. After utilizing these tests, you can evaluate the benefits of MailGenius for your email marketing campaigns and consider subscribing to more tests.

mailgenius homepage

Step 2: Send An Email To Test Email Inbox Placement

On the MailGenius homepage, a unique email address will be generated for you. Send your test email to this address from your email service provider to initiate the inbox placement test. This step helps you ascertain how mailbox providers interpret your email.

test email 2

Step 3: Click ‘See Your Score’ After You Sent The Email

After you’ve sent your email, navigate to the MailGenius dashboard and locate the ‘See Your Score’ button. This pivotal step is where the magic happens. By clicking on this button, MailGenius will analyze various key factors that influence the deliverability and effectiveness of your email.

The score you receive serves as a valuable compass, guiding you towards understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your email.

MailGenius loading

Step 4: Analyze Inbox Placement Results

After sending the email, MailGenius will execute a series of tests. Shortly, you’ll be able to view placement testing results, including scores and analysis of various components of your email.

MailGenius report

Step 5: Identify Deliverability Issues

Examine the inbox placement results for deliverability issues. Observe your inbox placement test results through various methods to assist you in identifying deliverability patterns and inbox problems—specifically categorized by mailbox provider—which encompasses tab/label and folder placement.

MailGenius provides detailed data, including your email’s placement with major mailbox providers, your sending IP’s reputation, spam words, and if your IP is blacklisted. It’s essential to understand these factors as they influence inbox deliverability.

The content analysis feature evaluates your email’s HTML content. It highlights issues with links, images, or code that could impact inbox placement.

Read our full email content optimization guide for tips to improve your deliverability and conversions.

Step 6: Implement Actionable Insights

Based on the test results, MailGenius offers expert insights and actionable recommendations to resolve the identified deliverability issues. This includes guidance on configuring email authentication records such as DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which are vital for passing spam filters and improving sender reputation.

Step 7: Make Adjustments and Re-test

Utilize the insights provided by MailGenius to make necessary adjustments to your email or settings. Once complete, send another test email through MailGenius to validate if the deliverability issues have been rectified.

Step 8: Monitor and Optimize

If you have an account, you can keep track of your email campaigns’ performance and make ongoing optimization efforts. Regular monitoring is essential for maintaining high email deliverability rates and ensuring your messages are not relegated to spam folders or the promotions tab.

Read our guide on auditing email deliverability if you need more help diagnosing problems.

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A few of our Testimonials

"I'd recommend MailGenius to everyone. Amazingly knowledgeable about email deliverability. I got a sneak peak at their new tool, and it's absolutely fantastic."
Perrin Carrell
Perrin Carrell
Founder at ranq.io
"We were really struggling with our email deliverability (Gmail & Outlook) and didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, we found MailGenius! They created a plan for us and provided us with the steps needed to ensure our emails were hitting inboxes. We still meet regularly and they are always incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. We would recommend MailGenius to anyone having difficulty with email deliverability."
"My experience with MailGenius was amazing - beyond 5 stars. The service is great and I have seen returns immediately. Within one consulting session, we went over so much that I made my money back tenfold."
Josh Michaels
Director Of Marketing at True Blue Life insurance
"MailGenius was fantastic in helping our company resolve many issues we encountered with email deliverability. They did a deep dive into our account running many tests and helped implement the most up to date best practices to ensure our emails could now be delivered to our customers. They work with a fantastic array of tools to help get the job done and assisted in setting up automation for our SPF records, highly recommended!"
"I'm glad I found MailGenius. They were super helpful and honest about exactly what I need to do and how to go about it, step-by-step. I was able to get clarification and feedback from him on my approach and took a bunch of notes. They also shared other resources and I experienced several "aha!" moments during the call with Jesse - a real genius when it comes to email. Thank you, MailGenius!"
Tim Parkin
President at Parkin Consulting
"Since working with MailGenius we've continued to see stable inboxing, which is great. Thank you again for all of your help and guidance - we would recommend MailGenius to any company experiencing email deliverability issues." EMAIL SPAM CHECKER