Email Deliverability Test

GlockApps shows you where your emails are being delivered to Gmail and Outlook with a detailed email deliverability test. Use code mailgenius10 to get 10% off your first purchase.

What does GlockApps do?

GlockApps is an inbox delivery and spam filter testing service that helps users determine and fix possible deliverability problems before sending the message to subscribers. Users get the report of how email is placed across major ISPs, whether your email is delivered to the Gmail’s Primary, Social, or Promotions tabs and what ISP blocked the message.

Should my company be using GlockApps?

Are you depending upon email marketing or email campaigns? We highly recommend that you use GlockApps tools to test where your emails are getting delivered so that you can optimize visibility and conversion. GlockApps tests your domain’s reputation, authentication, and provides comprehensive feedback for common ISP and corporate filters. They are able to explain in real-time if there are any problems so you can fix them before sending an email or marketing campaign.

Why does MailGenius recommend GlockApps do?

GlockApps has every tool you need to maximize inbox deliverability all in ONE place. They offer:
– Identify Risky Content
– Gmail Tab Tracking
– Delivery Duration Tracking
– Spam Score Testing
– Inbox Rate Tracking
– Authentication Testing
As one of our exclusive partners, we have worked to get you an exclusive discount from GlockApps. MailGenius customers will receive 10% off their first purchase when you use our code: Mailgenius10

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