Hetrix Tools

Blacklist monitoring

Hetrix Tools offers a simple way to complete an email blacklist check. Get notified if your domain or IP become blacklisted with instructions on how to get delisted.

What does Hetrix Tools do?

Hetrix Tools has created a platform to monitor all of your IP Addresses and Domain Names. You will be notified as soon as any of your monitors get blacklisted, so you can quickly find the spam or malware source, and immediately begin the delisting process before it gets to affect your reputation or your clients.

Should my company be using Hetrix Tools?

As one of our exclusive partners, we have worked to get you an exclusive discount from Hetrix Tools. MailGenius customers can receive either 50% off the first month’s invoice (if billed monthly), or 10% off the first year’s invoice (if billed yearly). Use code Mailgenius to save.

Why does MailGenius recommend Hetrix Tools do?

Hetrix Tools is a must for email marketers looking to stay in people’s inboxes and off of blacklists. Their platform makes monitoring your IP and Domain easy and intuitive. It only takes a few seconds to add a Domain name, IP address, or even an IP block or range to your monitoring list. Hetrix Tools will constantly blacklist check your monitors, as often as every hour around the clock, and will notify you or your staff of any changes. With their tools you can:
– Clean up your network and domains, and then keep them spam-free
– Improve your network’s reputation and email deliverability rate
– Find out which of your servers or websites may be infected with malware
– Locate spam/malware sources within your network as soon as they appear
– Manage your IP space, so you can always assign clean IPs to your new clients

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