White-Label Outbound Email

Wavo allows you to send personalized cold emails with automated email follow ups. Wavo is an excellent white-label solution for agencies who currently offer outbound cold email as a service.

What does Wavo do?

Wavo is a platform that greatly facilitates the process of running high quality email outreach campaigns. From simple campaigns to complex outreach, Wavo balances easy of use with robustness and works whether you’re sending cold emails to 100 contacts or 100,000. Wavo also has first-class support for white-labeling, more on this in the next section.

Should my company be using Wavo?

Does your company manage email campaigns for clients? Then the answer is yes.

Why does MailGenius recommend Wavo do?

Anyone sending cold email for clients (ie. Lead Gen agencies, marketing agencies, sales consultants) can use Wavo to productize this service, differentiate from their competitors and give their clients dashboard access for real time self reporting. Wavo is the only cold email tool built for agencies to impress clients, save time and remove guesswork. This is an important business process that not many in the space get right, Wavo does.

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