Monitor your email domain around the clock, effortlessly.

Save time, money and prevent email deliverability catastrophes with MailGenius Monitoring. We’ll run 20+ deliverability and email blacklist tests for you daily, and alert you if anything is wrong.

Select number of domains to monitor. Contact us for a custom quote for a number above 5 domains.
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MailGenius Monitoring is a no brainer. It took us one minute to set up, and we never had to think about it again.
Joe Cagney
Joseph Cagney
Senior Project Manager at
I'd recommend MailGenius Monitoring to everyone. I got a sneak peak at their new tool, and it's absolutely fantastic.
Perrin Carrell
Perrin Carrell
Founder at
My experience with MailGenius was amazing, beyond 5 stars. I have seen returns immediately.
Josh Michaels
Director Of Marketing at True Blue Life insurance

Works with every major email provider.

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MailGenius Monitoring includes over 20+ tests, all running daily against your domain.

How does MailGenius monitoring work?

Select the domain(s) you want monitored and an email address to receive our monitoring reports.


Once your purchase of $99/year is completed, we set up an account on your behalf in our automated monitoring system. 


We run 20+ tests daily. If anything is wrong with your domain we will notify you by email. If everything looks good we’ll send you a weekly domain report


Screenshots and testimonials:

What tests does MailGenius run

15+ Blacklist tests

We monitor blacklists that have been carefully determined to be impactful to your email deliverability.

Learn more by clicking above.

SPF Authentication

We monitor your domain to ensure your emails are properly authenticated with SPF.

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DMARC Authentication

We monitor your domain to ensure your DMARC record is properly configured and enforced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

$99/year per domain monitored. Most companies just need one. We also offer bulk discounts for agencies with 10+ domains.

Does this include seed list inboxing tests such as GlockApps or 250ok?

No. Inbox testing with seed lists is a gray-area when it comes to Google terms of service and overall accuracy, and it's not something we do.

Will there be bulk discounts or affiliate programs for agencies or freelancers?

We will have bulk discounts as well as an affiliate program with revenue splits. If you're interested in promoting MailGenius Monitoring please message us on live chat.

What types of tests do you run?

We run several DNS level daily tests to ensure your email infrastructure is correctly configured. We also monitor your email reputation and notify you if your domain becomes blacklisted.