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The Complete List Of Spam Triggering Words (400 Words To Avoid Spam Filters!)

Understanding the intricacies of spam words to avoid is essential in creating effective email marketing campaigns. These seemingly harmless phrases can activate spam filters, causing your carefully crafted emails to land in the dreaded spam folder.

This comprehensive guide will delve into what constitutes as email spam trigger words and their impact on deliverability rates. We’ll also discuss how context significantly determines whether certain terms may be considered potential triggers.

You’ll discover common financial and marketing-related spam words that could jeopardize your sender’s reputation with email service providers. Additionally, we’ll explore other warning signs such as improper coding or using false addresses which are red flags for most systems.

We shall unravel Gmail’s filter mechanism and its relationship with promotional emails. You will learn tactics to avoid accidental triggers during your email campaigns while crafting personalized emails without resorting to needy language.

You’ll understand why regular data hygiene practices like maintaining a clean subscriber list significantly affect deliverability rates. Finally, we’ll cover compliance with anti-spam laws under CAN-SPAM Act and how misleading claims or titles can harm your campaign’s success rate.

Understanding Spam Trigger Words

If you’ve ever wondered why some of your emails end up in the spam folder, blame it on those pesky spam trigger words. They’re like little landmines that make email providers go “Nope, not today.” They are a big reason why emails go to the spam folder.

Definition of Spam Trigger Words

Spam trigger words are the forbidden fruit of email marketing. They’re the words and phrases that set off alarm bells in the minds of email service providers, signaling potential spam emails or scams. So, avoid them like the plague if you want your emails to reach the inbox.

Impact on Email Deliverability

Using these trigger words is like shooting yourself in the foot regarding email deliverability. Spam email filters are like bouncers at a club; if your email is full of trigger words, they won’t let it in. So, choose your words wisely if you want your message to arrive at the party.

Role of Context

Not only the words you use, but also the context is significant. If you send out generic mass emails or include sketchy links, you’re basically waving a red flag in front of the spam filters. So, be smart and personalize your emails to avoid the dreaded spam folder.

In a nutshell: steer clear of trigger words, and personalize your messages. That’s the secret recipe for email success.

400 Spam Words To Avoid – The Ultimate List

Certain words can trigger spam filters faster than a cheetah chasing its prey. These sneaky words, often related to money or marketing, can send your emails straight to the recipient’s spam folder.

Here is a list of 400 words and phrases that might trigger email spam filters. It’s important to note that spam filters are constantly evolving, so what might trigger a spam filter can change. However, using too many of these words and phrases, especially in the subject line or in excessive capitalization, might increase the chances of your email getting caught in spam filters.

  1. 100% free

  2. 100% more

  3. 100% satisfied

  4. 4U

  5. Act now

  6. Additional income

  7. Address on CD

  8. All natural

  9. All new

  10. Apply now

  11. Apply online

  12. As seen on

  13. As seen on TV

  14. Avoid bankruptcy

  15. Bargain

  16. Be amazed

  17. Be your own boss

  18. Become a member

  19. Beneficiary

  20. Best price

  21. Big bucks

  22. Billion

  23. Billion dollars

  24. Bonus

  25. Bulk email

  26. Buy direct

  27. Call now

  28. Cancel at any time

  29. Cards accepted

  30. Cash

  31. Cash bonus

  32. Cents on the dollar

  33. Certified

  34. Cheap

  35. Check or money order

  36. Claims

  37. Clearance

  38. Click below

  39. Click here

  40. Compare rates

  41. Compete for your business

  42. Confidentiality

  43. Congratulations

  44. Consolidate debt

  45. Credit card offers

  46. Cures

  47. Dear friend

  48. Deal

  49. Direct email

  50. Direct marketing

  51. Discount

  52. Do it today

  53. Don’t delete

  54. Double your cash

  55. Double your income

  56. Earn extra cash

  57. Earn money

  58. Eliminate bad credit

  59. Eliminate debt

  60. Email harvest

  61. Exclusive deal

  62. Expect to earn

  63. Extra cash

  64. Extra income

  65. Fantastic

  66. Fast cash

  67. Fast Viagra delivery

  68. Financial freedom

  69. Free access

  70. Free consultation

  71. Free DVD

  72. Free gift

  73. Free hosting

  74. Free info

  75. Free installation

  76. Free Instant

  77. Free investment

  78. Free membership

  79. Free money

  80. Free preview

  81. Free priority mail

  82. Free quote

  83. Free trial

  84. Free website

  85. Full refund

  86. Get it now

  87. Get out of debt

  88. Get paid

  89. Giveaway

  90. Guaranteed

  91. Hidden assets

  92. Hidden charges

  93. Homebased business

  94. Human growth hormone

  95. Increase sales

  96. Increase traffic

  97. Incredible deal

  98. Information you requested

  99. Instant

  100. Internet marketing

  101. Investment

  102. Investment decision

  103. Join millions

  104. Lifetime

  105. Lifetime deal

  106. Limited time

  107. Loans

  108. Lose weight

  109. Lower interest rates

  110. Lower rates

  111. Lowest insurance rates

  112. Lowest price

  113. Luxury

  114. Make money

  115. Marketing solutions

  116. Marketing solution

  117. Mass email

  118. Meet singles

  119. Message contains

  120. Million dollars

  121. Miracle

  122. Miracle cure

  123. Money back

  124. Money making

  125. Mortgage rates

  126. Multi-level marketing

  127. Name brand

  128. New customers only

  129. No age restrictions

  130. No catch

  131. No claim forms

  132. No cost

  133. No credit check

  134. No fees

  135. No gimmick

  136. No hidden costs

  137. No hidden fees

  138. No interest

  139. No investment

  140. No medical exams

  141. No middleman

  142. No obligation

  143. No-obligation

  144. No purchase necessary

  145. No questions asked

  146. No strings attached

  147. Not junk

  148. Notspam

  149. Obligation

  150. Offer

  151. Once in a lifetime

  152. One time

  153. Online biz opportunity

  154. Online pharmacy

  155. Opt in

  156. Order now

  157. Passwords

  158. Pennies a day

  159. Potential earnings

  160. Pre-approved

  161. Prize

  162. Problem-free

  163. Promise

  164. Pure profit

  165. Quote

  166. Rates

  167. Refinance

  168. Refinance home

  169. Removal

  170. Remove

  171. Requires initial investment

  172. Reverses aging

  173. Risk-free

  174. Sales

  175. Sample

  176. Satisfaction guaranteed

  177. Save big money

  178. Save up to

  179. Score

  180. Score with babes

  181. Search engine listings

  182. Search engines

  183. Section 301

  184. See for yourself

  185. Sent in compliance

  186. Sign up free

  187. Sincerity

  188. Social security number

  189. Solution

  190. Spam

  191. Special promotion

  192. Stainless steel

  193. Stock alert

  194. Stock disclaimer statement

  195. Stock pick

  196. Stop snoring

  197. Success

  198. Super Viagra

  199. Supplies

  200. Take action

  201. Terms

  202. Terms and conditions

  203. This isn’t a scam

  204. This isn’t junk

  205. This isn’t spam

  206. This won’t last

  207. Traffic

  208. Transfer

  209. Trial

  210. Undisclosed

  211. Unsecured credit

  212. Unsecured debt

  213. Unsolicited

  214. US dollars

  215. Valium

  216. Viagra

  217. Vicodin

  218. Visit our website

  219. Warranty

  220. Web traffic

  221. Week trial offer

  222. Weight loss

  223. What are you waiting for?

  224. While supplies last

  225. Will not believe your eyes

  226. Winner

  227. Winning

  228. Won

  229. Work from home

  230. Xanax

  231. You are a winner!

  232. Your income

  233. Reverses aging

  234. Removes wrinkles

  235. Accept credit cards

  236. Ad

  237. All new

  238. Bargain

  239. Billing

  240. Bonus

  241. Cards accepted

  242. Certified

  243. Cheap

  244. Claims

  245. Clearance

  246. Compare rates

  247. Credit card offers

  248. Deal

  249. Debt

  250. Fantastic

  251. In accordance with laws

  252. Income

  253. Investment

  254. Join millions

  255. Lifetime

  256. Loans

  257. Luxury

  258. Marketing solution

  259. Message contains

  260. Mortgage rates

  261. Name brand

  262. Offer

  263. Online marketing

  264. Opt in

  265. Pre-approved

  266. Quote

  267. Rates

  268. Refinance

  269. Removal

  270. Reserves the right

  271. Score

  272. Search engine

  273. Sent in compliance

  274. Subject to…

  275. Trial

  276. Unlimited

  277. Warranty

  278. Web traffic

  279. Work from home

  280. Amazing

  281. Join today

  282. Cancel anytime

  283. Become a millionaire

  284. Collect earnings

  285. Earn from home

  286. Extra bonus

  287. Hidden income

  288. Internet cash

  289. Massive income

  290. Miracle solution

  291. Money-making secrets

  292. Pure income

  293. Quick cash

  294. Rapid income

  295. Secret to success

  296. Skyrocket your sales

  297. Tremendous offer

  298. Unlock earnings

  299. Watch this

  300. All natural miracle

  301. Ancient secret

  302. Confidentiality agreement

  303. Direct payment

  304. Discreet packaging

  305. Double your wealth

  306. Financial asset

  307. Freedom from debt

  308. Get rid of debt

  309. Incredible gains

  310. Legal notice

  311. Lifetime access

  312. No more debt

  313. Password protection

  314. Private access

  315. Retire early

  316. Sign up required

  317. Telecommuting

  318. Vacation offers

  319. Verified income

  320. Access granted

  321. Be your own boss

  322. Best in the market

  323. Cash earnings

  324. Cheap rates

  325. Drastically reduced

  326. Explode your business

  327. Hidden fees

  328. Internet income

  329. Meet people

  330. Network marketing

  331. Passwords required

  332. Please read

  333. Potential for earnings

  334. Pure income potential

  335. Real estate

  336. Refunds available

  337. Secrets of earning

  338. See for yourself

  339. Serious cash

  340. Sign-up bonus

  341. Starter fees

  342. Supplemental income

  343. Triple your income

  344. Ultimate earnings

  345. Unknown secret

  346. Auto loan

  347. Bad credit

  348. Bankruptcy

  349. Be amazed

  350. Big bonus

  351. Billionaire secrets

  352. Breakthrough solution

  353. Cash in hand

  354. Cheap loans

  355. Compare prices

  356. Credit repair

  357. Double your earnings

  358. Explode your profits

  359. Hidden secrets

  360. Incredible rates

  361. Lifetime offer

  362. Meet singles

  363. Millionaire potential

  364. Money wired

  365. Outstanding offers

  366. Password required

  367. Potential bonus

  368. Promise you

  369. Reboot your life

  370. Secret income

  371. Signup free today

  372. Staggering income

  373. Top dollar

  374. Triple earnings

  375. Ultimate income

  376. Unique offer

  377. Unleash potential

  378. Valuable asset

  379. Wealth without risk

  380. Win big

  381. Yearly income

  382. Zero percent

  383. Zero risk

  384. Get out of debt fast

  385. Hidden gem

  386. High potential

  387. Increase your wealth

  388. Lowest insurance

  389. Massive profit

  390. Meet women

  391. Money-making potential

  392. No risk involved

  393. Potential to earn

  394. Promise kept

  395. Pure profits

  396. Secret strategies

  397. Serious earnings

  398. Thousands in income

  399. Unbelievable deal

  400. Wealth creation

Other Warning Signs for Email Service Providers

Email service providers (ESPs) have their own ways of spotting spam. Apart from the words chosen, ESPs also take into account the quality of your code, layout of emails and veracity of sender data.

Code Like a Pro

Don’t let sloppy HTML coding give you away. Make sure your emails are properly coded and tested across different platforms. No broken links, no messy code. MailGenius has a free tool to test your email HTML code.

Design Matters

Looks do matter, even in the email world. A well-designed email not only engages your readers, but also avoids the spam radar. Say no to huge images, weird formatting, and minimal text. 

Don’t Play Pretend

Using fake addresses or constantly changing sender information is a big no-no. ESPs are onto this trickery. Don’t get caught up in the same practices as spammers; remain authentic and consistent with your email sender information to increase chances of reaching inboxes. 

So, watch out for these warning signs, in addition to avoiding spam-triggering keywords. Code like a pro, design with style, and be honest about who you are. Your deliverability rates will thank you, and your subscribers will stay happy and engaged.

Gmail’s Filter Mechanism & Promotional Emails

Dealing with Gmail’s filter mechanism is like trying to navigate a maze with blindfolds on. It’s a challenge for email marketers to get their promotional emails past those pesky spam filters.

Gmail’s Filtering System Explained

Gmail’s filtering system is like a detective on a mission to catch spam. It analyzes your IP address, domain reputation, and even how users have interacted with your previous emails. But the real Sherlock Holmes is the scrutiny it puts on your subject line and body text for any suspicious or misleading terms.

Promotional Mails vs Gmail Filters

For businesses relying on email marketing, Gmail’s filters can feel like a slap in the face. But fear not, there are ways to outsmart these filters, avoid Gmail deliverability issues, and land in the coveted inbox.

  • Avoid Spam Trigger Words: Don’t use words that make Gmail’s spam alarm go off like a firework. Check out this list of spam trigger words to stay on the safe side.

  • Maintain Good Sender Reputation: Keep your subscriber list clean and kick out the inactive ones. It’s like decluttering your email closet and impressing Gmail with your engagement levels.

  • Create Engaging Content: Be the Shakespeare of email marketing and craft emails that captivate your audience. No misleading claims or desperate pleas, just personalized experiences that make your subscribers click that “Buy Now” button.

Remember, Gmail’s filters may be tough, but with a little wit and creativity, you can outsmart them and reach your audience’s inbox.

Avoiding Accidental Spam Triggers in Email Campaigns

Crafting compelling emails without setting off spam filters can be tricky. To succeed, understand the language that triggers filters and avoid using it.

Crafting Personalized Mails

Personalization goes beyond adding the recipient’s name. Tailor your content based on their preferences, needs, and behaviors. This boosts engagement and reduces spam risk. Check out these effective personalization techniques.

Regular Data Hygiene Practices & Deliverability Rates

Email marketing is like a dance party, but if your emails don’t get delivered, it’s more like a party for one. Keep your deliverability rates high with regular email hygiene practices and watch your deliverability improve.

The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Subscriber List

A clean subscriber list is like a VIP section for engaged subscribers. Kick out the inactive ones to keep your sender reputation high and your delivery rate even higher. It’s all about quality over quantity, baby.

Benefits from Tools Scanning for Possible Issues

Tools like MailGenius can check the deliverability of your emails. They scan for any sketchy elements that might make your emails look spammy. Get the necessary insights to make adjustments and avoid the dreaded spam folder.

And hey, don’t forget to learn the secret language of spam filters. Certain words or phrases can make your email do the chicken dance straight into the spam folder. Avoid those spam trigger words like the plague.

Cleaning up your list and scanning for triggers ensures better delivery rates, leading to more effective customer communication. It’s like hitting the bullseye with every email, increasing your chances of conversion. Remember, good copywriting is all about getting your message to the right people, no hiccups allowed.

Compliance With Anti-Spam Laws

Don’t be a spammy spammer. Complying with anti-spam laws is a must. The CAN SPAM Act is the boss when it comes to commercial emails. Break the rules, and you could be slapped with a $16k fine per email. Ouch.

Consequences under CAN-SPAM Act

Breaking the law can be a serious financial burden. Non-compliance can seriously hurt your business. So, avoid using spammy words that make email service providers go “Uh-oh, spam alert.”

Crafting Engaging Emails Free From Misleading Claims Or Titles

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses, but it’s crucial to avoid misleading claims or titles that can trigger spam filters. Instead, focus on crafting engaging emails with compelling subject lines and personalized content.

Writing Compelling Subject Lines Without Misleading Information

The subject line of your email is the first thing recipients see. It should be enticing enough to prompt them to open the email while being truthful about its contents. Avoid using excessive punctuation, all caps text, or phrases like “free money,” as these are often flagged by spam filters.

  • Do: Use action-oriented language that encourages readers to click through.

  • Avoid: Using deceptive language just to get clicks – this will only damage your reputation in the long run.


Understanding spam-triggering words is crucial for email deliverability. Financial and marketing-related trigger words can tank your email campaigns, so be aware of them when crafting emails.

Proper coding, well-designed emails, and avoiding false addresses are warning signs that email service providers look out for.

To avoid triggering spam filters, craft personalized emails and avoid needy language.

Maintain a clean subscriber list and use tools to scan for possible issues to improve deliverability rates.

Compliance with anti-spam laws like the CAN-SPAM Act is essential to avoid legal consequences.

Craft engaging emails free from misleading claims or titles, utilize dynamic personalized content, and follow best practices to avoid being flagged as spam.