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Email Deliverability Expert: Troy Ericson - "The Email Paramedic"

Troy Ericson, also known as the “Email Paramedic,” is a specialist in making sure emails reach the right inboxes. He understands all the technical stuff behind it and keeps up with the latest trends and best practices.

Troy and his team at the Email Paramedic, his email deliverability agency, work hard to optimize and send emails in the best way possible. They want to make sure the emails connect with the people who receive them, so they can get more engagement and achieve their goals.

With his expertise as an email deliverability specialist, Troy also offers done-for-you services. In this article, we’ll go over who Troy is, what he offers.

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Who Is Troy Ericson?

Troy Ericson has built a niche for himself as one of the world’s top email deliverability specialists and copywriters as well as established himself as one of the leading email deliverability specialists.

But what makes Troy and his team the go-to expert for email deliverability and list management? 

By taking a holistic approach to email marketing, Troy meticulously cleans and segments email lists, ensures welcome emails do not end up in spam, creates value-driven content, and optimizes email delivery.

Emergence as the Email Paramedic

Fresh out of college, Troy dabbled in running Facebook ads for clients, a skill he acquired through a course. However, his true calling emerged when one of his clients faced the issue of emails landing in spam folders instead of inboxes. Taking up the challenge head-on, Troy devised strategies to optimize the client’s email list, avoid spam filters, and catapult their email revenue from $13k to $51k monthly.

Recognizing the untapped potential in this domain, Troy’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Email Paramedic, which has since evolved into the leading Email List Management Agency. His repertoire includes writing daily emails, building email sequences, and improving email deliverability, ensuring maximum open rates, improving clicks to emails, and sales for clients.

Achievements and Recognition

Troy’s remarkable success is not confined to anecdotal evidence. Since its inception in 2019, Email Paramedic has generated over $100 million for clients after continuous management, enhancing email copy, and has ensured that the reputation of the IP and domain reputation is no longer hindering email marketing success. This has not gone unnoticed; Troy was heralded as the #20 Copywriter globally by Peter Tzemis from Traffic & Funnels.

Moreover, Troy’s clientele is a testament to his prowess. He has worked with various esteemed organizations and personalities, including Traffic & Funnels, The Sales Mentor, Rich Schefren, V-Shred, and many more.

A Diverse Portfolio

Besides Email Paramedic, Troy is also the proud owner of,,, and

MailGenius is a service dedicated to improving email deliverability. It offers email deliverability services to test and help businesses understand and navigate the complex world of email deliverability. The service focuses on ensuring emails land in the primary inbox, providing accurate interpretations of how mailbox providers perceive your emails, and offering proactive inbox placement testing.

MailGenius also helps businesses optimize their emails, manage their email sender reputation, and stay updated with changing email deliverability trends. The goal is to ensure that email campaigns consistently achieve outstanding inbox deliverability.

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What Does Troy Do As An Email Deliverability Specialist?

What exactly do email deliverability experts do? Let’s dissect Troy’s approach to get an in-depth understanding of his process for optimal email performance.

1. Reviving Email Lists

One of the significant aspects of an email deliverability specialist’s role is to bring life to email lists that have become stagnant or less responsive. Troy achieved fame for his ability to revive “dead” email lists and transform them into valuable assets for his clients. He ensures that only the relevant audience is targeted through meticulous cleaning and segmentation, contributing to better engagement rates.

2. Ensuring Emails Reach Inboxes

Deliverability, also known as inbox rate, is a metric that assesses the likelihood of an email being recognized as legitimate and reaching the recipient’s inbox instead of the spam folder.

Ensuring excellent email deliverability is crucial as it determines whether your subscribers and customers receive your meticulously designed email campaigns. Regular monitoring and evaluation of what’s impacting email deliverability, sending reputation, and overall email marketing strategy serve as an way for sustained email success. A holistic approach to email, focusing on brand aspects, allows for the creation of a cohesive and potent email marketing plan through collaboration with you or your team.

A common hurdle in email marketing is emails ending up in spam folders or not being delivered at all. As an email deliverability specialist, Troy ensures that welcome emails and subsequent communications reach the recipient’s inbox. This involves technical adjustments and content optimization for emails to avoid being flagged as spam. He will also conduct an extensive audit of email deliverability and work towards removing servers or IP addresses from industry blacklists if they have been listed.

Troy conducts an email deliverability audit and tests to ensure that messages for email campaigns are successfully delivered to the intended inboxes. This comprehensive audit locates holes for improvement.

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3. Creating Valuable Content

Troy Ericson is a true believer of creating valuable, meaningful, and engaging content in email marketing. He believes in providing value in every email, whether it’s useful information, a problem solution, or an engaging story. This approach aligns with industry best practices and goes beyond mere sales pitches.

Recognizing that each business is unique, Troy customizes content to fit the brand’s identity and audience preferences, making it more engaging and valuable. His expertise lies not just in writing good copy, but in understanding the audience, aligning content with the brand, and consistently delivering value, making him a top figure in the email deliverability world.

4. Building and Optimizing Email Sequences

Email deliverability specialists build and refine email sequences to ensure a coherent and consistent communication flow. This involves strategically planning emails’ content, frequency, and timing to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

5. Improving Open Rates, Clicks, and Sales

Troy Ericson creates a comprehensive strategy to enhance email marketing campaigns’ effectiveness, aiming to improve open rates, clicks, and sales. Troy’s approach to improving open rates involves crafting compelling subject lines and email preheader text, segmenting email lists to target the right audience, and sending emails at optimal times.

His ultimate goal is to increase sales, a feat he achieves by ensuring emails are delivered, opened, and interacted with. His successful approach has led his company, Email Paramedic, to generate over $100 million for clients since 2019.

6. Client Customization and Personalization

Email deliverability specialists tailor their strategies accordingly because each client has unique needs and goals. Troy Ericson’s agency writes daily emails customized for each client, building out sequences that reflect the client’s brand, objectives, and specific email marketing program.

An email deliverability specialist plays a critical role in ensuring the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. From technical troubleshooting to content creation and campaign optimization, they are the paramedics that keep the pulse of email marketing beating strong.

Contact The Email Paramedic Today To Revive Your Dead Lists

If your email lists are getting stuck in the spam or promo tab, now is the time to take action. Contact the Email Paramedic for email deliverability services today.

Troy Ericson has the technical skills and a talent for creating emails that people want to read. Troy has a proven track record when it comes to email deliverability. Many businesses have seen major improvements thanks to Troy’s expertise. He takes a well-rounded approach to email marketing and can customize strategies to fit each business’s unique needs.

If your business is struggling with email problems or your email lists aren’t performing well, Troy Ericson and his team at Email Paramedic can help. Troy is an email deliverability expert who can give your emails a check-up and help you make them better. Don’t wait—reach out to Troy today and start turning your email marketing around.